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BAER Clear, OFA Good, Elbows Normal


Born August 10, 2009
Pedigree below

Judee is a very special English Setter, not just because she is a pretty moving and showy bitch who finished her Canadian Championship at just 7 months old with a Group 1 award from the Junior Puppy Class from esteemed Judge Mr. James Reynolds, but she has a very special history.

Am. Can. Ch. Honeygait Wilson Lake Merrit was owned by Judee Wargo and William J. Potts and at the US National in California in 2008 Judee and I saw an incredible male English Setter called Cody whose registered name is Ch. Set'rRidges Amazing Grace and so the story begins. 

Judee Wargo decided to breed Merrit to Cody and made arrangements to breed Merrit at her next season.  Judee and Merrit travelled to California to do the breeding and Judee and I planned to co-own a bitch puppy who would live at Sevenoaks in Canada.  Then very sadly, suddenly and unexpectedly, Judee Wargo passed away before her "dream" litter was born.  Rhonda Dillman of Bull Mountain English Setters whelped the litter in Roundup, MO and, Sabrina, Alyssa and myself picked up our four legged Judee from Rhonda on our way home from the 2009 English Setter National.  We met up with Bill Potts (Judee's husband) on the way home to show him the puppy that he and I would now co-own.   We knew that Judee wanted this litter in the worst way, so during lunch we asked Bill if we could call our new puppy "Judee" and we knew that Judee up in heaven would be watching and would most certainly want one of her special puppies to be called "Judee".  After many tears for all of us,  many happy and sad thoughts ran through Bills mind, he too decided that his wife Judee would love to have one of the puppies named after her.  So now English Setter puppy Judee had a very special name.  A special name with a very special story for a very special puppy.





Great Grandparents

Great Great

Ch.Set’rRidge’s Amazing Grace

Ch.Set’r Ridge’s Gold In Platinum

Ch.Brasswinds Hot Topic

DC Set’rRidge’s Sold Gold

Brasswinds Peppermint Patti

Ch.Brasswinds All Tht Gltrs Isn’t Gold

DC Set’rRidge’s Sold Gold

Ch.Brasswinds Hell’nWheels

Ch.Set’rRidge’s Animation

Ch.Set’rRidge’s Select Gold

DC Set’rRidge’s Sold Gold

Ch. Kadons Set’rRidge Tissa

Ch. Set’rRidge Quaking Aspen

Ch. Mi Jeans Boot Scootin Boogie

Ch.Set’r Ridge Canterfield Look’r

Am.Can.Ch. Honeygate Wilson Lake Merrit

Ch.Trailstar’s Braveheart

DC Ch.Set’rRidge’s Real Gold

DC Ch.Set’rRidge Solid Gold

Ch.Kadons Set’rRidge Tissa

h.Blustar’s Copper Penny

Ch.Set’rRidge’s Solid Platinum

Ch.Timbertrail Legend of Blustar

Ch.Honegait Wilson Lake Gretta

Ch.Kerryhill Lamplighter Ropin The Wind

Ch.Kelyric California Sun

Ch.Lampliter Sweet Lucille

Ch.Foxtracts Honeygait Alexa

Ch.Carobs Twist and Shout JH

Ch.Foxtracts Driving Miss Daisy