Sevenoaks English Setters

At Sevenoaks our goal is to provide the best quality English and Gordon Setters that typify the qualities of each breed. Our pedigrees and gene pool include many of the top performing, top producing and top winning show and field dogs of all time. In addition we have carefully screened and tested our breeding stock for genetic disorders.

Above all we believe that temperament is of paramount importance whether it be in the show ring, in the field or at home on the couch. To this end we believe that not only should our English and Gordon Setters display their manners around children, both young and old but that they should also be able to get along with other dogs as well.

In our home our breeding stock and our show and hunting dogs become our pets and are routinely found on the couch during the daytime or asleep on our daughters beds at night. Our puppies are whelped in our home and spend their first six or seven weeks in various areas of our home where they become accustomed to the every day sights and sounds and smells that will help them become confident companions when they go to their new forever homes.


Our Hunting Dogs

English and Gordon Setters have been bred over many generations to hunt upland game  birds.
Our objective is to produce the most responsive and versatile hunting companion possible for the North American hunter.  A dog, which is a combination of a good friend, bird dog, and retriever.  This is attained by using only those dogs, which demonstrate the highest qualities of conformation, temperament and performance.
From an early age, our puppies are in contact with Bobwhite Quail and Coturnix on a regular basis.   We annually raise a few hundred quail just for the training and evaluation of our puppies and adult dogs.  By the time our puppies are 8-12 weeks old they have been in daily contact with birds on walks in our fields.  This lets us evaluate not only the individual puppies but also reassures us that our breeding program is successfully incorporating the performance aspect of the breeds that we specialize in, English and Gordon Setters.
 Not only do we have fun with our puppies but we are also avid upland bird hunters.  Our wild bird season for Ruffed Grouse and Hungarian Partridge runs from the start of September to the end of November.  Our Pheasant season runs from mid October to the middle of November and our Sharptail Grouse season is from the start of October to the end of October.  During this three month time period our  dogs log about 40-50 days hunting wild birds.

When hunting season comes around, you will see many excited dogs waiting for Les to pick up his shotgun and to put on his hunting jacket and their blaze orange collars, because once that happens........



 Sevenoaks Zoe Mitchell shown working on her natural field ability title

Her proud owner is Stephanie Mitchell



Whiskey & Candace, we are not sure who is training who!


Vegas - (Photo & Article courtesy of Vince Fitzgerald)

A Clansmen Puppy after a days hunt


We feed our dogs Purina Pro Plan

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